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Brief (for those too lazy to read)

...Well, I guess there’s no reason to go back and watch the 1967 one anymore.


Well, here we are at my second “My Thoughts On” (RWBY Volume 4 doesn’t count as a full one). This was a series I started to justify my disappointment with a beloved franchise making an awful new movie. Now...I’m using it to do the complete opposite: A beloved franchise making a brilliant new movie! As you just read, I ADORE this movie. However...there is a problem with it,

The cartoon Jungle Book was a musical. There was a huge selection of great songs from it, “Bare Necessities”, “Colonel Haithi’s March”, “I Wanna Be Like You”, “Trust In Me”, “That’s What Friends Are For”, and my favourite: “Jungle Rhythm” (NO! IT DOESN’T COUNT!) Anyway, the 2016 remake had to make a choice, to keep the songs and light-hearted story, or to have a (surprisingly) deep story...and just handpick 2 songs and throw them into a place where they don’t really fit.

If you ask me, this movie is incredible, the animals look like they’re really there (Except for a particular zoom of a Wolf Cub howling), the overlaying (kind of) message of “don’t play with fire”, and the GENUINELY GODDAMN TERRIFYING villain Shere Khan. This movie is jam-packed with great scenes, some action-packed (That finale!) and some really sad (Mowgli’s backstory is a real tear jerker). The OST is also full of remixes of classic Jungle Book music (Go listen to "Mowgli Wins the Race"). To top it all of, the celebrity voice acting is almost perfect! Bill Murray makes a great Baloo, Christopher Walken is so fun as King Louie, Ben Kingsley is perfect as Bagheera, and don’t even get me started on Idris Elba as Shere Khan (OH! SO GOOD!).

Overall, The Jungle Book (2016) is my favourite of the new live action Disney remakes. It does suffer from a few problems, namely the songs and alcohol poisoning from “man-cub” (Seriously), but everything else is just so good! It could’ve easily been just some average remake, but no! Disney went the extra mile to make the best movie they could, and it worked!

9/10! Damn near perfect!


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SHRINK-ME-Cody Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  New Deviant
Why did you unwatch me?
ShadowMere28 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Mistake probably
SHRINK-ME-Cody Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017  New Deviant
Oh okay, well if it was anything I did that was wrong, let me know, and was my starting in that one RP we were doing wasn't good, or something?
ShadowMere28 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
I normally try to copy RP styles as to not make it look messy...yours was so big it was intimidating. I'm not THAT good.

I'm just the wrong guy for RPing.
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ta for the fave
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Thanks for the fav and watch!
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No problem! I really like what I read.
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