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Ferocity / Natura Bio by ShadowMere28
Ferocity / Natura Bio
Now here is my fifth Superhero OC. After "Firefox" getting NOTHING, I'm just going to keep going. I don't even care anymore. This time, coming straight from World 3 and Xandra City: Scarlett Pryde.
Model is Bonnie Wright.


REAL NAME: Scarlett Natura Pryde
AGE: 10 (At Olivia returning her sanity)
BASED IN: Xandra City

• Scarlett Pryde was born into a Katastrophí Uber-Human research facility, near the outskirts of Xandra City. She lived a life of needles, injections, and brain alteration. She was the victim of human alteration for 10 years straight! She was subjected to a Katastrophí test named "Project: Natura".

• As "Natura", Scarlett was the victim of many Human-Animal experiments. The goal was to see if animal surviving methods could be used for humans. Scarlett's body was altered to various degrees; she can camouflage herself like a Chameleon, she obtained retractable claws like a cat, she even obtained a tail that she can lob off and regrow like many lizards. Worst of all however, Scarlett's brain was altered also to be the "Hunt, kill, eat," thought process of many predators. This specific alteration turned out to be the scientists' greatest mistake.

• Scarlett, now more animal than human, suddenly acted upon her primal instincts and then killed AND ATE all the scientists & other test subjects! Just before her massacre, one scientist sent out a distress signal, that was answered by L.E.G.O.'s Sean Baxter. He sent out a team of 8 to investigate...only 2 returned. Scarlett had eaten 6 of them!

• Now in L.E.G.O. custody, Scarlett was rehabilitated by none other than Olivia Silverfox! Olivia entered Scarlett's mind, and brought her back to humanity, mirroring her story. Now back to humanity, Scarlett became absolutely disgusted with herself. She ran away, in fear of reverting back, to the mountains surrounding Xandra City. 

• Scarlett Pryde now lives a life of fear, and terror all at herself. She is terrified of what she could do to others that she cares about. She lives a life of solitude, knowing that if she gets angry enough, she actually could revert back to her "Ferocity" form!

• Retractable Claws; Scarlett can extend her fingernails to become claws, then retreat them as well. (Like Sabretooth from the X-Men)

• Camouflage; Scarlett can blend in with her environment to protect herself from predators.

• Regenerating Tail; Scarlett has a tail that can be lobbed off to throw off predators. The tail will regenerate soon after.

• Body Heat Manipulation; Scarlett can manipulate her own body heat to hide from predators.

• Night-Vision; Scarlett can see perfectly in dark places to get an edge up on her competition.

- Scarlett's humanity is permanent, but her "Ferocity" form can kick back in if her stress level rises enough!


All credit to:… for this template.
Inspiration for powers came from Wolverine (X-Men) and the Indominous Rex (Jurassic World) ((For the record, I have NO IDEA how to spell it's name))
Bonnie Wright's face belongs to Bonnie Wright.
Firefox / The Red Queen Bio by ShadowMere28
Firefox / The Red Queen Bio
Now here is my fourth Superhero OC. After "Starshine" getting one Favourite, I'm still not giving up! This time, coming straight from World 3 and Xandra City: Olivia Silverfox.
Model is Debby Ryan.


REAL NAME: Olivia Penelope Silverfox
AGE: 29 (Upon rescuing the boy)
BASED IN: Xandra City
SUPPORTING CAST: Sean Baxter (her leader and commander), Greggory Telford/Titan (Boyfriend).

• Olivia Silverfox was born from illegal genetical testing on the Father's sperm. This unlocked her potential as an Uber-Human...and took away her soul, taking away her remorse!
As a child, she hid her powers until the age of 22 when she burned down her house just by pointing at a wall! When the Policeman came, she used mind control to go free. Olivia Silverfox became a Supervillainess.
Now on her own, she got on by forcing boys to take her out and getting them to pay. She would then go to their houses, take their money and anything she liked, rape them, then move on to the next boy!
She continued on that way for 4 years, and even chose the name "The Red Queen" for herself. This continued up until the rise of Uber-Humans became very clear, this forced her to take action against them. She got a giant house (For free) and used it to trap, torture, and kill Uber-Humans!
However, 2 years after the house was bought, she brought in a very powerful telepath who restored Olivia's soul! 

• Terrified by these new feelings, she killed the telepath with a giant blast of fire, but for the first time ever, she felt regret.
Fearing these new feelings, she ran away not knowing what to do. She tried to force another boy to do her bidding, but the remorse that her soul gave her forced her to abandon it.
The soul drove her crazy, and she didn't know what to do with herself...until she came to a burning building.
A young boy was stuck in the burning building, and with her pyrokinesis, Olivia saved him.
Olivia felt purpose after saving the boy and tried to find a way to continue. She eventually joined up with L.E.G.O. to do this, and took the name "Firefox".

 • Now with L.E.G.O., she leads a life of redemption, trying desperately to redeem herself of her past actions...however, her soul can be taken away again by another powerful telepath, bringing back "The Red Queen"!

• Pyrokinesis; Olivia can create and manipulate fire to an almost limitless degree. Fire blasting and burning someone from the inside out are just a hand motion away!

• Mind Manipulation; Olivia can enter people's minds and mess about as she pleases; 
 • Thought; Olivia can read anyone's thoughts, hide thoughts from them, and create fake thoughts just by thinking.
 • High Frequency Pain; Olivia can trigger a very high pitched screeching noise in the head. She can change the frequency so high that their brain will literally explode!
 • Mind Control; Olivia can take full control of someone's mind to make them her slave and puppet.
 • Mind Wipe; Olivia can wipe small sections of someone's memory, or even the entire thing! This does cause strain on Olivia, though, so she doesn't do a full wipe that often.

- Olivia has been traumatised by her past activities, so if someone reminds her in great detail, she will freak out and potentially lose control.

- Olivia's soul can once again be taken by a strong-enough telepath, which would lead to the return of "The Red Queen"!

Olivia Silverfox / The Red Queen; Olivia before her soul was returned. Absolutely cruel and ruthless to anyone, The Red Queen haunts Olivia to no end.

All credit to:… for this template.
Inspiration for powers came from Jean Grey (X-Men), & Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel).
Debby Ryan's face belongs to Debby Ryan.
Are you ready? 

For my shortest "My Thoughts On"?

For the Teaser of RWBY Volume 4?

Here it is:



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